This book is part of a series of returning to ancient practices of our base-line religion. Of course this section of the series is in regard to the journey- aka, the Pilgrimage expected of ancient cultures.

Book about searching, journey and wandering...

Through direct comparison of other Semitic religions to Christianity (Judaism, Islam) the author describes the actions required by faith to live that faith to fullest extent. This journey is as much of the work to prove your faith to yourself, but also to solidify your identity in that faith.

All in all this book held my attention well. For some reason It made me feel like it had backstory information to Raiders of the Lost Ark or something similar (through the continuous journey talk, middle east stories etc…) I enjoyed the challenging message of actually working for your faith- though works NOT be a requirement of faith, they sure are fruits- and respecting the key traditions of ones faith.

I did feel the author enjoyed throwing some jabs around- there are several interesting points of modern Christianity having no focus, no actual required works to their ancient counterparts. I also enjoyed the comparison (without concern of repercussions) of the other Semitic religions. However I felt he compared them too much. I could see where Christianity compared to Islam would rub some more conservative people the wrong way.

All in all some very decent points, but I felt too much in the “Pop” Christianity realm. I felt inspired and reminded, but not the kind of way of a book I would leave on my shelf for reference.
As the disclaimer- this book was free to me to review from Thomas Nelson and Booksneeze.com. They obviously didn’t sway my review. I encourage anyone wanting an opportunity to blog and receive books free to check them out.



I found a terrific resource today: booksneeze!

This is great opportunity from Thomas Nelson publishers. You can get free books (or ebooks) for your spiritual growth (and some fiction too) with only one thing asked in return- provide a review of the book on your blog and one on a major retailers web site. You are asked to leave honest reviews. If you like it, say it. If you don’t, say it!

Thomas Nelson does publish some great books, and i think this is an incredible opportunity for anyone looking for materials for spiritual insights or books to help with life in general.

Therefore, books I get from this place I will review here. I hope the books we share will encourage each other. If the book is good, It will end up on my favorite book list which will have its own tab near the “about” tab.

Look for my favorites to be reviewed as well- those I bought myself.

Catch you soon.


A new thing….

Ah… a new thing. A start to blog is always hard. There are no followers, no faithful readers- only me the writer. I write my thoughts to myself. A bit narcissistic yes, but therapeutic. At the end of the day, perhaps when someone finds me via google, my thoughts will provide comfort. Or better yet, encouragement.

So far I’m working on how to best describe this.  Once I nail that down you’ll find the description and my goals here in the “About” tab.

I look forward to good times, bad times, times of doubt, times of reaffirmation and maybe a smile or two.

Feel free to join in. But please, play nice.